<Diantalvic> thanks for taking your time for this
<Vorthax> hi
<Diantalvic> was you looking forward to your 1v1 tonight?
<Vorthax> no problem, thank you for asking
<Vorthax> yep, its a shame it didn’t happen
<Diantalvic> yer, the tourny has gone well, even though you are prolly favourite to win your next match, do you go into each round with a little precaution?
<Vorthax> will be going to our summer cottage on wed / thu.. it will be difficult to get back here by sunday
<Vorthax> of course, i never tend to overlook my opponent, in AG everything can happen :)
<Diantalvic> yer gone are the days where the leets would beat any one, you see some great players go out to the lesser known players these days
<Vorthax> with a humble attitude its possible to win, i guess that goes for everything in life
<Vorthax> possible as in more likely heh
<Diantalvic> you must think you are in with a great chance of going all the way though?
<Vorthax> honestly i believe i have a chance to make it in the top3, winning will be very difficult with all the great players around
<Vorthax> i dont have much experience in these kind of games, where it gets more serious
<Diantalvic> yer there are still some great players in there, any one you would like to avoid for now?
<Vorthax> mostly dev at the moment, because he beat me pretty bad a few weeks ago
<Diantalvic> yer i heard he is playing pretty well at the moment, do you think that would make a great final though, you vs dev?
<Vorthax> deuzz, garpy… lots of names who can take it all
<Vorthax> i was hoping for a final where i would face garpy, heh. the match that should have been played in the best of the best tournament already!
<Vorthax> it would be a great final eitherway though, as long as i make it there myself
<Diantalvic> yer
<Diantalvic> if you wasnt to go on and win the tourny your self though who could you see wining it?
<Diantalvic> if you had to pick some one
<Vorthax> hmm, tough call
<Vorthax> i would still pick dev… that aim is to die for
<Diantalvic> good pun
<Diantalvic> so how long have you actually been playing hl?
<Vorthax> hmm, i would say 5 years now
<Vorthax> take that figure with a grain of salt though
<Vorthax> it has been pretty much on/off playing for the last couple of years
<Vorthax> 1 year in the army, etc
<Diantalvic> ooooooo see any action?
<Vorthax> yeah, wish i had the gauss there, would have been much more effective!
<Diantalvic> lol bunny hopping through iraq eh
<Vorthax> indeed
<Diantalvic> so how did you get into half life?
<Vorthax> started with CS like a lot of other players… then got sick of it, tried HLDM, got hooked. still remember how i watched in awe as [pmers]BobbyD had scores of 200-0 in datacore. i wanted to be like him
<Diantalvic> And after all these years you are still here playing, whats so great about the game that keeps people playing
<Diantalvic> even after all this time?
<Vorthax> after that i somehow got introduced to AG and moved on to play it
<Vorthax> i guess the gameplay is just so smooth. its a faced paced, action-packed game with a huge learning curve that will keep players training, as there is always someone better than you!
<Vorthax> simply put, its a lot of fun
<Diantalvic> you say there is always some one better than you out there, does that mean you still train to become a better player?
<Vorthax> well i guess its nowadays more about the fun-factor. dont get me wrong though, i still think there is room to improve and become better and i want to improve
<Vorthax> not as hard as in the old days though
<Diantalvic> i train a bit some times but i still suck, any tips you can send my way?
<Vorthax> you named your problem already in the question matey. you train a bit when you should train like there was no tomorrow
<Vorthax> i believe with training everyone can become equally as good
<Vorthax> in same circumstances
<Diantalvic> so i could maybe one day beat you?
<Vorthax> sure you could, when i hadn’t played for 5 years and you had spent all those years training 24/7
<Vorthax> hehehe, just kidding m8
<Diantalvic> lol na so k its true
<Vorthax> i believe you could1
<Vorthax> 1 = !
<Diantalvic> since the start of ag weve seen some great players but people still regard you as one of the best, how do you react when you see people say things like that?
<Vorthax> well its a hufe compliment of course, but i regard garpy as the best player in the history of AG myself
<Diantalvic> speaking of garpy
<Diantalvic> weve seen him move into touring with other games, ever thought about doing some thing like that?
<Diantalvic> getting paid to play games
<Vorthax> i think that would be too hardcore for me
<Vorthax> i have considered it though
<Vorthax> after seeing what garpy has achieved
<Diantalvic> yer he says he plays games like q4 about 4 hours a day
<Diantalvic> guess you really have to be dedicated to do it
<Diantalvic> do you play other games like q4 or painkiller?
<Vorthax> starts to feel like a work you have to do at some point
<Vorthax> no, i have never tried painkiller, tried Q4 but didnt fancy it’
<Diantalvic> to slow?
<Vorthax> indeed, and the weapons were too simple, the maps were too dark and demonic, i could go on and on…
<Diantalvic> youve obviously played a lot of 1v1s and stuff
<Diantalvic> do you ever feel sorry for your openent when you are owning them really bad?
<Vorthax> no, never. should i?
<Diantalvic> well i was just thinking if i was beating you like 60-0 on stalky i might think, ok ill give him 1 kill, but only 1!!
<Vorthax> hehe, maybe you are too emotional for this stuff man
<Diantalvic> that doesnt mean we have to go play either
<Vorthax> you gotta work on that too if you want to beat me some day
<Diantalvic> k ive got a few questions from other members of the community
<Vorthax> sure, shoot
<Diantalvic> In your view why was AG created? (this is from a mystery person)
<Vorthax> to mystery person: to meet the need for a faster version of HLDM! with the match options and stuff, overall a mod for more pro type of community hldm was lacking
<Diantalvic> ill try and find out who that question was from he sent another one as well
<Vorthax> and because bullit had way too much time on his hands
<Diantalvic> lol he done a great job though
<Vorthax> cant argue with that one eh
<Diantalvic> peolpe moan and groan in ag all the time and i can admit i have my fair share, but this is a game we dont pay for and have had years of fun and gameplay from it
<Diantalvic> amazes me some times
<Diantalvic> any ways rant off
<Vorthax> word man, exactly my thoughts
<Diantalvic> another question from our mystery poster
<Diantalvic> Did average players lose out to config geeks in hlccl?
<Vorthax> i dont think so, mystery person. personally i dont think the configs play any major role in the game, assuming you have the ‘basic’ AG config that can be found everywhere with a bit of searching.
<Vorthax> although there are a lot of other factors, but hey, its not a lan game with same circumstances to everyone!
<Diantalvic> lol another from our mystery person (its not me honest)
<Diantalvic> Would you have liked to have seen ag2?
<Vorthax> yes sir, i was anxious when i first heard it was in the making. i played hl2dm quite a bit and found it fun for the while it lasted, so i thought AG2 could be something spectacular. everyone knows what happened though and its a pity :(
<Diantalvic> yer it was a shame, i guess hl2pro mod is a sclose as we will get
<Diantalvic> have you tried it?
<Vorthax> oh yes, its a lot of fun. i recommend it everyone who liked AG
<Vorthax> havent played it recently though, i bet it has got even better
<Vorthax> wasnt much players around so i kind of went back to AG
<Diantalvic> yer its wierd how you move on to another game but always come back to ag, i tried css for a bit but at the end of the day it had to be ag for me
<Diantalvic> even though its old and past it its still very addictive
<Vorthax> i guess it has become a habit you cant let go off
<Vorthax> just like that
<Diantalvic> ive got a few of them but we wont go into them details
<Vorthax> haha
<Diantalvic> got a question from our very own snipes :)
<Vorthax> ex-girlfriend? dont need sherlock for that one!
<Diantalvic> na brings back memories of being in court
<Diantalvic> not good
<Vorthax> argh, sorry man
<Diantalvic> :P
<Diantalvic> any ways snipe asks How has ag changed in the last year?
<Vorthax> well the game itself hasnt changed at all (the obvious), but the players have.
<Vorthax> if im not badly mistaken i have seen some new faces recently?
<SForce> Vorthax, I found 69 matches to your query. This are the 5 most recent ones: main[xlr], ns|Zeth, irish-, irish-brb, irish-gone. main[xlr] (NNSCRIPT@xlr-xcler.users.quakenet.org) was last seen parting #kia 2 hours 51 minutes 38 seconds ago (10.04. 19:54). after spending 4 seconds there.
<Diantalvic> lol i guess sforce answered for me
<Vorthax> hehe
<Diantalvic> yer do you think these new players find it hard at 1st though
<Diantalvic> i mean joining a server for the 1st time and getting hammered by some mega leet cant be much fun
<Vorthax> yeh, there should be a bigger bunch of them and they should play with each other
<Vorthax> with the ‘pros’ it can get very frustrating fast
<Diantalvic> do some pro’s see them as bait though, some one to own to make them selfs feel superior
<Diantalvic> or look even more leet
<Vorthax> haha, i dont confess
<Vorthax> :P
<Diantalvic> :P
<Diantalvic> well you will if you ever play me
<Diantalvic> well thats about it mate but i do have 1 more question
<Diantalvic> which im sure every one wants to know
<Diantalvic> who would win in a 1v1
<Diantalvic> superman or spiderman
<Vorthax> definately superman. can i ask you something though?
<Diantalvic> yes mate fire away
<Vorthax> who would win, a bear or a lion?
<Diantalvic> hmmmmm id say a bear
<Vorthax> correct!
<Vorthax> what is the meaning of life?
<Diantalvic> btw you was wrong, its spiderman
<Diantalvic> er to enjoy it i guess
<Vorthax> care to elaborate?
<Vorthax> :P
<Diantalvic> spiderman is awesome
<Vorthax> ok i give up :)
<Diantalvic> dunno if that was good enough reason but its the only one i got
<Vorthax> i want to answer syn’s question too
<Diantalvic> er
<Diantalvic> yer syn
<Diantalvic> how many naked boys visited your sauna ?
<Vorthax> he could be the underdog too by the way, in the tourney!
<Vorthax> just me syn, but the naked girls, you need more than your fingers and toes to calculate 😉
<Diantalvic> with questions like that do you worry about the safety of syn
<Vorthax> yeah i already sent jack bauer after him
<Vorthax> you want to know a fact about jack bauer by the way?
<Diantalvic> sure, have no idea who he is :)
<Vorthax> What color is Jack Bauer’s blood? Trick question, Jack Bauer doesn’t bleed.
<Vorthax> maybe that will give you some idea of whom he is
<storm^syn> rofl
<Vi> he does bleed when chuck norris roundhouse-kicks him in the face
<Vorthax> lol
<Vorthax> ok now this thing got out of control :P
<Diantalvic> lol ok well thats all the questions i have, unless any one here has any thats about it
<Diantalvic> syn asks what music are you listening to
<Vorthax> e-type and erotic
<Diantalvic> :)
<Diantalvic> well thats the interview over. Id like to say a huge thanks for taking your time out to do this
<Diantalvic> muchly appreciated
<Vorthax> metallica, system of a down are nice
<Vorthax> trance when i feel like it
<Diantalvic> you should give breaking benjamin a try
<Vorthax> no problem really mate, it was my pleasure
<Vorthax> shout out to my fans (are there any) KEEP ON FRAGGING!
<Vorthax> :-p
<Diantalvic> oh yer i was gonna say is there any thing you would like to say
<Vorthax> you said it will take 30 mins and it took 1 hour liar
<Diantalvic> well i got carried away and asked questions that werent on my list
<Vorthax> cheeky bastard
<Diantalvic> :P
<Diantalvic> i suppose i could let you pwn me in 1v1 as payment
<Vorthax> well it was an hour spent faster than on bored.com
<Diantalvic> lol :)
<Diantalvic> ill get the interview updated on the site as soon as i can
<Diantalvic> is there any one you would like to see interviewed?
<Vorthax> are you gonna correct all the spelling mistakes?
<Diantalvic> er, na it will make it more interesting for the readers
* Diantalvic sets mode: +v The_Falcon
<Vorthax> ok sounds better that way
<Vorthax> yea m8, would like to see tim interviewed
<Diantalvic> ok, ill see if i can arrange it
<storm^syn> lol true