The Half Life of….. Becks

Once upon a time… hah :V no

Well im not sure where to start. I thought it was easier to remember how everything started.. But the time when HL came out was an era which i remember very well though. The first time i heard about it was on a school vacation on “Wangerooge” in 1997- a tiny little island in the northern sea with beautiful beaches, no cars, etc.. so one of my school buddys had a “Game Star” magazine! (he was a real PC freak because he knew how to connect 2 PC’s with a 0-Modem rofl..). Well the magazine advertised a new game to hit the shelves in 1998.. HALF-LIFE! There was one picture below the text showing this big fish from the singleplayer mode trying to eat a scientist lol.. we stared at it and thought WTF!! The graphics were so uber-awesome (compared to games we knew like duke nukem 3d, hexen, doom 2, blood etc etc). This revolutional game would have to be a “must-have!”. Well like 1 year later, in autumn 1998, my school bud (the one with the Game Star) was the first one who ordered a hl copy from the us. It didn’t last 1 month and everyone of us was
holding a hl-cd in hands ready to rock.

In that time i must have been 12-13 yr old. So going out, drinking, girls etc was a sorta no-go. So we did a hell lot of LAN partys 😀 with 10mbit coax cables.. when one pc did a spontaneous reboot half the players dropped from the server! 😛 Often i wish myself back in time when i thought spamming mp5-nades from the courd roof was unfair and using “energy-weapons” like gauss/egon was unfair.. When everyone is a noob in a new game, the fun is immeasurable. Back at home i tried playing HL online with my 56k Modem, but for some reason it didnt work (can’t remember why). So for the first year i was stuck to LAN’s with friends. Besides we were spending hours and hours of time with mapping, modeling, scripting, tuning hl etc. (you cant imagine how much i pimped my hl! it became a different game rofl :D)

1-2 years later we started to play many other HL mods like Counter-strike, Firearms, Action-Halflife, Day of Defeat and many many more. It might have been in 2002 or something when they killed counterstrike with some patch which ended up in enormous gun-recoil.. so i quit playing it and got 100% back into half-life! I didnt hear of AG so far.. I was only pwning =NATO= and UK Deamon servers with several nicks. Mostly named as, nooblife, verpuzzel or G.I.John. One day i was teaming up with cLu and c@m! from CWD clan vs all the other guys on the server which ended up in emptying the server in like 10 minutes :))

The same Day on MSN cLu asked me if i would like to play a 2on2 with him vs.. i forgot (might have been plum and Andi-Gras). And guess what, i couldnt connect to the ip he gave me :D:D IT WAS AG!!! I never heard of AG before lol.. and so things developed. cLu introdoced me into AG with a short crash-test. I couldn’t even decentjump but we set up A3D 😛 this should help on stalkyard! From that moment on i never connected to a HL server again. All i was doing was making big eyes at ppl who were moving like a wirl-wind and aiming like god! minuz, darq, para etc owned me regularly at several maps.. but even losing 100:0 was fun for me 😀

Team][GS|HellFire (storm^mk’s brother) introduced me into movement, decentjump, proper box-jump on stalkyard etc.. XaV-razi!eL forced me to play arena alot which adjusted my aim to ag a bit.. cLu, darq and Fish’n’ships aka ezekieL trained me playing my 1on1’s like rambo! Just attack, attack, attack! Never pull back or camp 😛 im still doing this- thats why i suck in 1on1’s vs decent players 😛
Thanks to all these guys!

A second later ezekiel invited me to the [SOS] clan with the mighty Golem beeing the leader! I spent maybe 1-2 years there, but with the hlccl league the [SOS] clan died too 🙁 After that i joined -dhd- under irish. We became an enormous team together with x3n, x3r, rayban, laury, blackdeath, wolx, irish and me ;D even managed it to beat storm in one war. -dhd- went inactive as well after some time (2006-2007? irish?), so i was a bit clanless, like neoz. We joined #storm and asked to be recruited in the once active storm team. During that time there was a 1on1 League running by RedRum. So in some round i was competing with neoz 😛 He won me 2x at stalkyard and was asked to join storm right after that. I joined SC instead where i still am and will ever be 🙂

Thats how it went, i probably missed the most but still managed it to write a fkn huge text lol..

cheers xx