The Half Life of….. Diantalvic

I Used to play CS all the time, it was an addiction, I used to play it every evening and then for most of the weekend. I got a little bit bored of it so I thought I would try valve death match, just for a change. I didn’t have the massive configs players have these days just the standard controls. I found my self starting to play death match more than CS which I thought would never happen, one evening in a server some one asked if I would like to join there clan playing AG, of course some thing I had never heard of. I remember the trial, I played some guy on datacore, he was pretty awesome and I remember thinking wow this guy is good, it turns out compared to most players he was just average. It turned out that I did ok and got asked to play in my first clan, FP (flower power) Sadly around the time I started playing AG I started seeing my girlfriend who is soon to be my wife, so I wasn’t really about to play games as often as I would have liked, and for this reason I was told I wasn’t good enough to play for FP so I moved on and joined 6thgear, a clan which was twice as good as FP so I don’t really know what happened there. I didn’t play many games for 6thgear, my first was actually a friendly war vs FP, we only played 1 map though as FP had enough after that 1 map. As I say I wasn’t in 6thgear for that long…………..

MUNKEYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For ever. I left 6thgear to create my own clan Munkeyz. It was a long haul but I managed to get some players and we started playing in HLCCL. We weren’t the most skilled but we had some fun which was the most important thing. We had our ups and downs, and I had a brief spell away from the clan to try other things (during this time munkeyz folded due to inactivity in players and leagues), while away from munkeyz I had spells at other clans including a spell at VLK (who managed to gain promotion to div 1 of HLCCL) who folded due to inactivity, myth and then pro-hl before returning back to reform MZ.

Reborn: There wasn’t any active leagues running so I toke it upon my self to try and do some thing about it, this is when I formed EHLL which is still active and running for a 11 th season. During running EHLL I had my spell at pro-hl but sadly again the clan folded due to player problems. The rebirth began, in an attempt to get munkeyz back together I managed to contact some old school players to see if they wanted to play again, the response was good and I managed to get enough players to take part In EHLL, with the addition of a few players from other clans munkeyz has fast become a tough team to beat, after finishing 2 nd in EHLL:4 I thought we might have a chance to go that extra step and win EHLL, I was kidding my self. It started, EHLL:5 kicked off with a win, then another and another, next thing we’ve won 6 out of 6 and sitting top of the table with 2 games to play. The season ended with 2 draws but it was enough for us to win the league, MZ!! Champions, I guess it was pretty fitting for me to win at least 1 EHLL title with mz, in a league I had run for 2 years with a clan I started and (despite a spell away) am still running to this day. Munkeyz for ever…………. Sadly MZ died after players wanted to go back to their 1st homes, MZ won EHLL twice though and also won the EHLL cup in season 6 (which was the other time we won the league) There is no doubt Munkeyz was one of the best clans around during those few seasons, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. After MZ died I then went on to join the holy Godsquad, a team that had been around for a long time and had a great reputation and had also played in nearly every EHLL season. Again due to the decline in numbers in the community and therefore clans GS was unable to continue and now. Due to real life I didnt and now dont have any time to play AG so I put any “ag” focus on helping the league stay alive, some thing which I have done and still managed to do for the last 4 years (since I first formed the league in August 2004).