The Half-Life of….. Vamp

In the year 1999 i got into Half-Life thanks to an demo cd from a magazine. ye i allready saw the light when i was just a little nub at the age of 11 😀 (beat that waterZz) can remember playin t he hl demo over and over again, endin the demo in every possible way, couldn’t get sic enough of abusing barney 😀 ofcourse i rented the full version at the libery and made a copy of it later on. 😛 😀 in the year 2000 the clan leader (-=|$kull$|=-Relinquesed) from the second clan ive been in, introduced AG to me.

at first i found it frustraiting because i didn’t stand a chance with the family 30fps onboard everything comp so i played it rarely. later in 2001 i bought my own computer and installed it on my room ofcourse : > the spec’s where as follows 1300mhz amd dorun, 128mb mem, nvidea geforce4 mx440se, onboard 5.1 sound. finaly i could play AG 4real and found it fun and very challenging my skill level started to grow and grow from that day on. Why i still play the game? lol why do i still smoke? why do i still got the same girlfriend? im fuckin addicted! 😀 p.s. the action is good :>.

anywayz now at the age of 18 i still play this game because you can never get at the top and be the best, and because of this, its fun, challening and it will never bore me. Also i just love this community :> i have lots of very good moments here and there but i really enjoy the moments while i was in [AFTD] chattin with shaggulli over and over, takin a piss at someone, 🙂 watchin 1337 players like vortex, lem, mass, and garpy on won with niitty 🙂 and being in the clan the -=|$kull$|=- was nicely learning time. thanks master Relinquesed :> well wasn’t that much he just teached me the basic things and the boot_camp gaussjumpin, bunnyhopin wathsofuckacouldn’tdoitbutnowican trick 😀 clans: ive been in a total of 7 clans.

[GK] funclan* this was my first clan at the age of 11 I maneged to get 3 other players in it we never had a clan match because i didn’t know what that was instead we just had fun, wore the tag and talked trash 🙂 [GK] stands for Gay Killers -=|$kull$|=- official and fun clan* “the skulls” USA clan nXs official clan* dont remember what it standed for. this clan is the skulls renamed with other members in it except for 2 me and wolf.. USA clan -=[QM]=- funclan* Querrymen. EU clan. i entered this clan to help them out a bit temporarily with being an active member and their top player.

[kDc] official clan* cant remember what it stand for. spansih clan. i entered this clan to help them out a bit temporarily with being an active member and their top player. [AFTD] official and fun clan* “Aliens from the depth” finish clan. this is the best clan ive been in. we all knew eachother well, each was allmost equaly skilled nice teamplay, good attitude and active. -arT. official and fun clan* “Adrenaline Rush Team” EU clan. this is the clan Im currently in for allmost 3 years i think. this clan should have gotten first place in my list if it wasn’t for [AFTD]. nice folks specialy the ones with the ouZe 😉 best players: Garpy – for aim. for winning. Dev – for the movement. mass – for not being so reckless like dev :> Dream – for 1337 hax chattin oh, and my younger brother started playin this game on the same date as I did only since his the youngest his stuck with the family pc 😛