Monday, August 23, 2010

6:04 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 1st id like to say hi, and thanks for talking today
6:04 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: welcome Don

6:04 PM – DoN–: hello ;]

6:05 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: lets start here

how old are you?

6:05 PM – DoN–: 26

6:05 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice
6:05 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: What is your gaming rig (computer specs, mouse, etc)?”

6:06 PM – DoN–: intel quad core q9450
6:06 PM – DoN–: 4gb ddr3 ram
6:06 PM – DoN–: ssd hard disk
6:06 PM – DoN–: gtx 280

6:06 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice set up man
6:06 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok a easy one
6:06 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: How long have you actually been playing hl?

6:07 PM – DoN–: i started late 1999

6:07 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice
6:07 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: So how did you get into half life?

6:10 PM – DoN–: well, i started my fps gaming with lucas arts outlaws, from that day onwards i loved fps, i purchased half life randomly and soon realised how brilliant it was.

6:10 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea
6:10 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: And after all these years you are still here playing, whats so great about the game that keeps people playing, even after all this time?

6:13 PM – DoN–: since its release there hasnt been a single mp fps game to match it, especially when it comes to speed and movement, the community has always been decent aswell, all these years have passed and ive gained some really good friends from it.

6:14 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea i knwo iv tryed them all
6:14 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: how about this
6:14 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: Also, what in AG annoys you the most?

6:17 PM – DoN–: lol, good Q! nothing now really, but scripts and naabie kax0rs have always topped the list.

6:17 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: hehe
6:17 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who are your players that most Influenced you to get better?

6:18 PM – DoN–: garpy, silk, rapid, phat and chop i suppose

6:18 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice every one loves garpy
6:18 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: Which is your favourite map and why?

6:19 PM – DoN–: Bootcamp, for me its the hardest map to own and keep control of.

6:19 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: What if any special tips/tricks or strategies for that map?

6:23 PM – DoN–: that depends on the game mode, in a duel its very hard to lock down due to the amount of available armor on the map, tdm on the other hand is different, the team who controls long jumps usualy wins.

6:23 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice to know coming from the experts
6:23 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: what do you think about wallgaussing, mp5 spamming, gluon usage and other tactics that are considered “lame” by some.

6:24 PM – DoN–: hah! im a lamer then ;p

6:24 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: hehe we all are

6:25 PM – DoN–: wall gauss for me is crap, but mp5/egon are fine as you still need to aim, that said half life wouldnt be half life without WG.

6:25 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: great way to look at it
6:25 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: What kind of stuff would you like to see more in AG? (more tournaments, new kind of tournaments, new maps, etc..)
6:26 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: anything

6:27 PM – DoN–: Hmm, id love to see an active league with 4 or 5 divisions, no offense but the current leagues are ruined by no shows ;[

6:27 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes i knwo after doing this last POT most games were at least 1 no-show
6:28 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok to the hard ones
6:28 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who are or were your favorite HL players to play with over the years?

6:31 PM – DoN–: hmm garpy, troj, steve, lem , scream, mass, stazis all of storm/kia/pmers/D/dpc/di I Could go on and on lol, so many nice people

6:31 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice i know thats hard for you ,you did get to play with everyone
6:31 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: What clan would you most like to play for?

And how do you think you would help them

6:32 PM – DoN–: what now or in the past

6:32 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: anytime m8

6:35 PM – DoN–: well, i played for the 3 greatest clans in history so the past isnt an issue, im currently playing with sc, for me this is perfect, a nice mix of old and new schoolers, its a good place for me to get my sharpness back.

6:36 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes i was (SC) for years great buch of m8s there
6:36 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 2 part question

Who would you say are the top 3 players right now?

Who are the top 3 all-time players?
6:36 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: lol i know this is a hard one for you too

6:38 PM – DoN–: dev alex syn
6:39 PM – DoN–: all time, garpy and then the rest could be decided via a group of 20 players or so

6:40 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice
6:40 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok last one buddy
6:40 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: what question do you think people would like to know that i havent asked you?
6:41 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: about anything you want to talk about m8

6:43 PM – DoN–: best half life time, answer would be having mass stasiz lax and tim at my house for a lan with myself and lynx, was awesome ;]

6:44 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: SWEET
6:44 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok man i would like to thank you for your time tonite buddy