We are not the best, we are the best

The Elite Half Life League, for most isn’t the best AG league there has been, it wouldn’t really be possible to compete with HCCL, they had sponsors, a good player database system, server booking forum etc, loads of staff from forum mods to league admins, I am more than happy to admit that EHLL doesn’t even come close to being as good as HLCCL. I know that there are some people that say EHLL is better, sure not many but there are a few, and its nice to know as I would consider HLCCL to be the best AG league there has been. EHLL is very basic, its all it needs to be. EHLL may not have been the best AG league that was ever created but its fought through enough to still be going. I can think of 4 or 5 leagues that have tried to outdo EHLL, I think only 1 lasted a full season, and it was only 1 full season, the reason it didn’t last very long was because the person they put in charge didn’t really
have much of a clue on what they was doing but they deemed him to be the best choice (my name was mentioned due to how well EHLL was going but the big boss was quick to say no) and this was about 6 years ago, im pretty sure that
league would still be going if I was put in charge, not that I would of said yes EHLL is my baby and why after all the grief and hassle would I have wanted to help run HLCCL? Yes in case you didn’t guess it was HLCCL. It came back but it was short lived!

Amongst other leagues that have started from new or restarted none of them lasted long at all. People always think they knew what was best for EHLL and when I said no you don’t, no im not interested in moving EHLL they tried to create something on their own, all of which lasted about 5 minutes, if they knew what was best for this league why did their league fail so quickly? I find it amazing that people try and tell me whats best for EHLL when I have run it and it has run for nearly 8 years, I think the argument speaks for its self. I sometimes think, and I know some times I am right that other peoples failure seems to give them some sort of right to have pops at EHLL, nit picking at little things that we don’t do or what some people deem wrong of what we do. It is something we get used to.

Some people want to be apart of EHLL but cant admit it or know that they will never be given the chance so they just try make us look bad with a well I know what would make you look good.


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