The Half Life of….. Stingouze

I was into the game cuz I played it with Carnicid and an other friend (old tgv poseidon, pretty unknown) on a K6 2 350 Mhz with voodoo banshee :). I immediately felt in love of this game, but it was quite hard to play on my Pentium 166 😀 . But god thx,i won a sport tourney, and earned some money which allowed me to buy a celeron 400 with 3dfx 3 🙂

Then we were always playin at lan ( my comp and my friend’s ones were always together so we could play hlmp at any time 🙂 ) We improved a lot ( it’s damn hard to admit by seein how i still suck :/ ) and made some lan tourney, where i was able to finish a good positions several times and win some hardware stuffs.

In year 2000, i came back from my sport school, and bought a DSL connection :/ and then i started online HL. A few month later, TGV Dj garou aka KIA – arT SPk recruited me in his team, and then i started aghl.

Sadly the team wasn t playin in hlccl, that’s why i joined the french *33* clan with janek and raticide ( the hl2pro mod developpers ) Rati, and janek stoped hl1 in 2004 i think, and then i was searching for a team, and as far as i remember i pld a lot of LTS, and some other arT guys like sobyt too. I finally decided to join arT for playin some tdm and i m still init now.

I totally had 3 clans since i started AGHL.My friend carnicid is still playin it a bit, but the other one completely stoped. Sad… I finally still play it cuz imo, it’s a very technical game. The playin possibilities are endless, and you can see several different styles : fast guys, jumpers, snipers, spammers etc. You can play the game for hours and you ll not see 2 identical actions…

My fav moments where when i was in the 33 clan. Really good friends init, and there were much more players on the scene than now… 2nd fav moment is when i managed to do booty’s bridge to court house bunny jump 😉 for the 1st time lol But i also really enjoy beeing in art, cuz there is some really nice guys ( dipouZe vampouZe, ApouZe , dekkouZe nitzouZe rageouZe oldskools and new 1 ich liebe euch :/ )

Best clan was kia imo, and best player was lexi and chinx 🙂 ( and MZ Keyser soze 😛 )