Shado ffs kill them all!

Shado is probably one of the best players out there, how do I know? Ive seen and played with and against him. Sure without him MZ wouldn’t have won the league, mind you having vortex and dev in the team did help at times ;). They were not about as much as shado who played pretty much every week, having havoc as our home map was probably key to that. I think the league is stronger than it was 3 or 4 years ago when MZ was back, and shado still tops almost every map he players. The tacs were pretty easy on havoc, not that I ever really had tacs, just let shado roam while others just try keep an area, for me that area was usually somewhere where I couldn’t kill a member of my own team or myself! like holding position at the fan, even that didn’t work ;). If shado had movement like the other top players there is no doubt he would probably be classed as the best by others as well, the one thing is that you would never see him 1v1 in a map like stalkyard and get around the map like players like dev and vortex, you never see him do the fancy ramp jumps etc like most players, im sure he could probably do it maybe just doesn’t have the need to? Even without being a “fancy” player he still manages to destroy almost every enemy without much effort it seems.I even had the pleasure of doing some 1v1s on havoc vs shado, sure I lost every one of them and considering how much I hate 1v1s it was always a pleasure cos I knew the kills were all skill, no spamming, camping and constant wg, maybe that’s why we both like the map so much? I think one time I even managed about 10 kills! (and no he wasn’t afk for half the map!). People may not see it as much but the fact shado scored over 100 frags on one map once proves how good he is, ok it may not have been vs a very good team but even now you don’t see it very often. People always ask me for a 1v1 but the answer is always the same. I only ever 1v1 against 2 players, one is shado for the sake of it being a proper game of ag with pure skill, the other is my brother, just cos I love to pwn him ;).