Tuesday, August 24, 2010

11:13 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: 1st id like to say hi, and thanks for talking today Ray welcome to -iT- news lol

11:13 AM – rayvex: hi :>

11:13 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: lets start here

how old are you?

11:13 AM – rayvex: 19

11:14 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: didnt know you were that young
11:14 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: cool
11:14 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: What is your gaming rig (computer specs, mouse, etc)?”

11:14 AM – rayvex: amd phenom x6 1055T
4gb RAM
geforce gtx 260
11:14 AM – rayvex: some old crt
11:14 AM – rayvex: but has served well lol
11:15 AM – rayvex: logitech g500 as mouse
11:15 AM – rayvex: and keyboad is a Benq Xtouch

11:15 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: NICE !! rig
11:15 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: How long have you actually been playing hl?

11:15 AM – rayvex: i think its been 5 years now, i started 05 i think yeah

11:15 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: So how did you get into half life?
11:16 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Falcon

11:16 AM – rayvex: lol
11:16 AM – rayvex: nah

11:16 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: he got everyone else
11:16 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: lol

11:16 AM – rayvex: i got into hl through my older brother. Ive been watching him playing through the singleplayer levels when i was a young kid
11:16 AM – rayvex: so one day i checked it out aswell
11:16 AM – rayvex: played the singleplayer over and over again till i once tried the multiplayer
11:17 AM – rayvex: and i liked it

11:17 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice there is a 2nd ray then tongue.gif
11:17 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: cool

11:17 AM – rayvex: yeah
11:17 AM – rayvex: but my bro never played multiplayer tongue.gif

11:17 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Doh
11:17 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: And after all these years you are still here playing, whats so great about the game that keeps people playing, even after all this time?

11:18 AM – rayvex: The competition I guess.
Since im not able to play EHLL anymore though, I started playing less AG
11:18 AM – rayvex: came back when i heard PoT was going to start

11:19 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea well talk about slag in a little bit
11:19 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: what in AG annoys you the most?

11:19 AM – rayvex: biggy and onez
11:19 AM – rayvex: LOL

11:19 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ROFL iv been waiting for someone to bring up onEz

11:19 AM – rayvex: and the bad reg sometimes

11:19 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: hahahahahha
11:20 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who are your players that most Influenced you to get better?

11:20 AM – rayvex: Dre@m and SnakeY, both stalky only players
11:20 AM – rayvex: practiced so much with them
11:21 AM – rayvex: they kept raping me back in the day
11:21 AM – rayvex: which made me get good on stalky
11:21 AM – rayvex: lol

11:21 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok Which is your favourite map and why?

11:21 AM – rayvex: theres too many, I have many favourites tongue.gif

11:22 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea thats one thing i always respected about you
11:22 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: can drop you on any map
11:22 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: and you will perform well
11:22 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: any time
11:22 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: lol

11:22 AM – rayvex: theres a lot of custom ones and also valve ones
11:22 AM – rayvex: that I like
11:22 AM – rayvex: best valve maps would have to be stalky and boot though

11:22 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: custom?
11:23 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: oneslip
11:23 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: haha

11:23 AM – rayvex: hmm, bootx, cabrito, moss, lv2 and many others tongue.gif

11:23 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: what do you think about wallgaussing, mp5 spamming, gluon usage and other tactics that are considered “lame” by some.

11:24 AM – rayvex: I don’t get people that whine about these. They’re part of the game, people have to accept that.
11:24 AM – rayvex: So i dont have any problems with those tactics
11:24 AM – rayvex: No matter if I use em myself, or if someone is using it against me.

11:25 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: What kind of stuff would you like to see more in AG? (more tournaments, new kind of tournaments, new maps, etc..)
11:25 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: or for you what would you like removed from ag
11:26 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: i know slag is a subject that we should talk about

11:27 AM – rayvex: yeah I’d like to see more players and tournaments. AG is so inactive these days that its not fun anymore.

11:27 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea do you feel it has anything to do with slag?
11:27 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: i feel 2nd chances should be given
11:28 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: to thoses who have shown good faith to people like biggy no but someone liek you i feel should be let back into the community

11:29 AM – rayvex: i feel the same way. 1st time cheaters should be given a time ban so they can learn from their faults
11:29 AM – rayvex: if they get caught a 2nd time, they could give a perm ban no prob

11:29 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes
11:29 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: In your view why was AG created ?

11:31 AM – rayvex: To enhance the gameplay. HLDM was incomplete without matchmaking / voting system. It ever since the bhop has been limited, it was way too slow aswell.
11:31 AM – rayvex: I like fast-paced games and thats where the AG
11:32 AM – rayvex: AG’s bhop possibilty comes in handy

11:32 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes i knwo imo your the fastest player i ever seen play
11:32 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: movement like no other
11:32 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Would you have liked to have seen ag2?

11:33 AM – rayvex: AG2 actually exists ( sort of).
The mod came out as HL2DM Pro first and was done by a complete different modding team too.
But recently they were given the permission to rename it to AG2 by BulliT himself.
11:33 AM – rayvex: I played it and its good.
11:33 AM – rayvex: Its actually faster than AG 1.
11:34 AM – rayvex: But the community is even smaller, like 20 active players lol.

11:34 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Dam

11:34 AM – rayvex: Shame, cuz its a great mod

11:34 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who would you like to play most in a 1v1?
11:34 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: from anyone who ever played

11:34 AM – rayvex: [umL]Tiger

11:34 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: biggrin.gif
11:35 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who are or were your favorite HL players to play with over the years?
11:35 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: not just for skill

11:37 AM – rayvex: Dre@m and SnakeY in the beginning. As I mentioned before those were the guys that teached me playing when I came to AG.
The most I enjoyed playing with is spydah. We’ve been good mates for quite a while now and hes a really cool guy.

11:37 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea syder is a good guy always has been
11:37 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: What clan would you most like to play for?
11:37 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: And how do you think you would help them

11:38 AM – rayvex: Looking at the current clans thats still left, none.
11:38 AM – rayvex: lol tongue.gif

11:38 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: past clans?
11:38 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: anyone

11:39 AM – rayvex: past clans hmm, storm^ I guess. The clantag looks just amazing lol.

11:39 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: hehe
11:39 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: 2 part question
11:40 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who would you say are the top 3 players right now?

11:40 AM – rayvex: Tough one, let me see.

11:40 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea this is hard

11:41 AM – rayvex: Actually I dont see a top 3 in AG. me, worldspawn, alex, barby, xl, stripe, term.
Thats the players I rate to be top in no particular order.

Top 3 is too difficult.

11:42 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice picks
11:42 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who are the top 3 all-time players?
11:42 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: that you know of

11:43 AM – rayvex: cant answer this one since i started way too late. Never really encountered the oldschool top players.
But i think tiger and deuzz might be 2 of them.

11:44 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea i know starting so late you kinda missed a lot
11:44 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok last 2
11:44 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: i normaly ask this what question do you think people would like to know that i havent asked you?
what question do you think people would like to know that i havent asked you?
11:44 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: but i dont want to ask you that
11:44 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: i want to ask you this bud
11:45 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: we know your slag banned i want to know 1 why , why you did what you did and most of all have you learned from this

11:48 AM – rayvex: There was a thread on this subject at ehll somewhere. I did it out of pure curiousity not to give me some kind of skill boost or something, I wouldnt need that. What I did was using a wh for a mere 20 minutes.
What I learned from that, well to think twice before doing something.

11:49 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice
11:49 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: thanks for talking about that
11:49 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok last 1 man

11:49 AM – rayvex: yeah I have no problems admitting that, it was only once.

11:50 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Also, what kind of beer do you like?
11:50 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: lol

11:50 AM – rayvex: I dont like the taste of pure beer but I like Becks Lemon biggrin.gif

11:51 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: hehe
11:51 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: for shits
11:51 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: what question do you think people would like to know that i havent asked you?
11:51 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: what have i missed with talking to you

11:52 AM – rayvex: I have no idea. I think the question that people would like to hear most was the one about me hacking but i answered that one already.

11:53 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok man thanks for taking the time to talk with me today you have a great day man

11:53 AM – rayvex: np’s man

11:53 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Interview over