Monday, August 23, 2010
2:22 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 1st id like to say hi, and thanks for talking today
2:22 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: hello

2:22 PM – rAz # JeffNero: hi m8
2:22 PM – rAz # JeffNero: biggrin.gif

2:22 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: lets start here
2:22 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: how old are you?

2:22 PM – rAz # JeffNero: right
2:23 PM – rAz # JeffNero: 19 years old

2:23 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok nice young man
2:23 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 1.How long have you actually been playing hl?

2:24 PM – rAz # JeffNero: i have exactly since 24 of december 2004, its like 6 years

2:24 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok nice
2:24 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 2.So how did you get into half life?

2:24 PM – rAz # JeffNero: well, was a funny story,
2:25 PM – rAz # JeffNero: i and my brother was very very bored in home, cristhmas day 24 december, was exactly hour 12.00 AM; and my brother told me, hey gonna play counter-strike in a lan house,
2:25 PM – rAz # JeffNero: i say wtf its that? he told me, lets go, u gonna fun
2:26 PM – rAz # JeffNero: we go, to play, and we was palying much hours of cs, and he told me, gonna play
2:26 PM – rAz # JeffNero: and i start to play, since that day

2:26 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice
2:26 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 3.And after all these years you are still here playing, whats so great about the game that keeps people playing, even after all this time?

2:27 PM – rAz # JeffNero: well, this game, for me its not just a game, its a feeling, its a thing where u feel so good, and u know very nice ppl
2:27 PM – rAz # JeffNero: in all these years, i know very good friends, nice guys, and some bad asses, but this game i love this, its fun and so adrenaline run always

2:28 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice words to your friends

2:28 PM – rAz # JeffNero: ye
2:28 PM – rAz # JeffNero: for this game, i travel 17 hours in bus to see my m8s

2:28 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 4.Who are your players that most Influenced you to get better?

2:29 PM – rAz # JeffNero: well, much players, garpy, vortex,drunk_italian, K3NS4N, darkzito,syn,dev
2:29 PM – rAz # JeffNero: great players

2:29 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes all great players
2:29 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 5.I train a bit some times but i still suck, any tips you can send my way?

2:30 PM – rAz # JeffNero: yes, training on team always, its the best way to be better, and be honorable guy, not a asshole like barby hehehe and just be pacient on training, cuz its a long way, but not impossible thing to be better

2:31 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice thank you
2:31 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 6.Do you play other games?

2:32 PM – rAz # JeffNero: well, long time ago i play games like doom, but now, only Half-Life and AG, just PES with my friends, and left4dead, but hl and ag online, only game

2:32 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: cool
2:32 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 7.In your view why was AG created ?
2:32 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: when hldm was fine as a game

2:33 PM – rAz # JeffNero: well, i think AG was created by a guy what is like us, he feel the same like us when he created this mod, he feels hldm needs more adrenaline, more fun,. more competition, more team skilss, and AG was the perfect thing what he do

2:33 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes Thanks Bullit
2:34 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 8.Would you have liked to have seen ag2?

2:34 PM – rAz # JeffNero: i dont have words for that, ag2 for me dont call me much my attetion, for me play ag2 its like kick ass to ag, and i dont want it that, if all goes ag2, i will still in ag normal, with all problems, i will stay

2:35 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: hehe
2:36 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 9.Who would you like to play most in a 1v1?

2:37 PM – rAz # JeffNero: well, againts rayv3x he was my master in
2:37 PM – rAz # JeffNero: for 2 weeks hahaha

2:37 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice
2:38 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 10.What clan would you most like to play for?

2:39 PM – rAz # JeffNero: well long time ago i have my clan with a friend of chile called fabian, and that clan was very nice and have a long time in hldm, we was 50 members in all world, but with no doubts, now Ad.e its my life, best clan i ever see, Ad.e its a family, not a clan
2:39 PM – rAz # JeffNero: have 2 years on Ad.e

2:39 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice
2:39 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 11.2 part question
2:39 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who would you say are the top 10 clans right now?

2:40 PM – rAz # JeffNero: the top 10 clans?

2:40 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes

2:40 PM – rAz # JeffNero: damn it, question hardly
2:40 PM – rAz # JeffNero: well
2:41 PM – rAz # JeffNero: i think first, AGT hr, HoC,NeF, Ad.e,rAz,gfL,PhK,sM,tau
2:41 PM – rAz # JeffNero: biggrin.gif

2:41 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok better one then
2:41 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who would you say are the top 10 players right now?

2:43 PM – rAz # JeffNero: right now, i dont have a favorite, but i think its Worldspawn, second Alex, dev,syn, izO,JucarY,Darkzito,exile, barby,nicko, but always #1 Garpy

2:44 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice
2:44 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok last one buddy
2:44 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 12.what question do you think people would like to know that i havent asked you?

2:44 PM – rAz # JeffNero: well, who the fuck i am?
2:44 PM – rAz # JeffNero: hahaha
2:45 PM – rAz # JeffNero: i mean it, what i do now for ag, for life, dunno, something like that,

2:45 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: hehe
2:46 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok man thanks
2:46 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: il get this posted

2:46 PM – rAz # JeffNero: thanks to you