<TchanZ> Hi Diant ! xP Say a Hi for Brazillian Players xP

<LFC|Diantalvic> Hello fellow brazil ag players :)

<TchanZ> =) How u doing?

<Diantalvic> im doing fine thanks, how about you?

<TchanZ> I am fine thx xP

<Diantalvic> good stuff

<TchanZ> So Diant When u Started to play Ag?

<Diantalvic> i started playing just over 4 and a half years ago

<TchanZ> Hmmm niceee U started in HLDM or direct in AG?

<Diantalvic> well i actually started in counter strike, i used to play it all the time but then i thought i would give normal hldm a try, just for some thing different

<Diantalvic> after playing that for a while i got asked to try out for a ag clan

<Diantalvic> i got in and then started playing ag all the time

<TchanZ> heheheh niceee but u had difficulties to play AG or u have some help ???

<Diantalvic> well i never had any help it was just a case or practice makes perfect, i got to an ok level at cs due to the amount i played it. Ag was different though as it is a faster game.

<Diantalvic> if you practice at some thing enough you will get better :)

<TchanZ> Yeah . . . so u Have many friends in AG ??? Some friends in Real Life? or u just know everybody in game?

<Diantalvic> well i know most people in ag through running a ag league, i wouldnt say i have loads of friends in the game. There is a few people that i still play with now that was playing when i 1st started which is nice

<Diantalvic> i dont know any one in real life that plays the game other than my brother, but he doesnt play any more

<Diantalvic> The most notable player that i am friends with is Deine_Mutter (tivi)

<Diantalvic> he was my 1st recruit in -[-MZ-]- and is still in the clan now :)

<Diantalvic> when i say friends with him i mean in terms of friends with in the game :) i
dont know him in real life

<TchanZ> owww . . . very nice . . but dont have a ” date ” with ag players in Europe? or is so difficult to make a ” party ” with all ?

<Diantalvic> well there is lans over here in the uk where people meet up and play games and drink and stuff, i have been to a few b4 and they are a good laugh. You dont really get any one other than the uk gamers go to these though due to the distance, although some times people from france / german have flown over to attend

<Diantalvic> Other countries have lans as well but its mainly for the people that live in that country.

<TchanZ> sos . . tel ehhehe weel . Diant how you became Admin in EHLL?

<Diantalvic> well, there was no active ag league running and people were saying well how hard can it be? but no one was doing any thing about it, so i thought ok ill give it a try and see how it goes

<Diantalvic> it was hard at 1st but every thing turned out ok

<Diantalvic> and now we are in our 6th season

<Diantalvic> and the league has been running for over 2 years now

<Diantalvic> it may not be the best league in the world or even the best run league

<Diantalvic> But it is a league :)

<Diantalvic> i did stop running it due to going offline so it went inactive for a few months, some one else bought it back but quit after a few weeks to i toke over again :)

<TchanZ> so man EHLL for Brazillian players is so important Dian u dont have ideia . .sunday have players to play EHLL

<TchanZ> more than all weekend

<Diantalvic> well as there was no league running at the time a lot of people started going off to play other games or going inactive, i would like to think that ehll has helped to keep the ag community going

<Diantalvic> and its nice to see that its not just europe that is into ag

<Diantalvic> weve had people from the usa play in ehll and now people from brazil, its nice to see every one from all over the world coming together to play the game :)

<Diantalvic> ag players are a dieing breed :)

<TchanZ> yeah sure is very nice to play EHLL . . . . nice to AG too xP so Diant to u . . .Who is the best player today?

<Diantalvic> well its hard to say really as some of the very good players come and go, garpy was playing yesterday who is the best player to ever play the game

<Diantalvic> i think shado of mz has to be one of the best

<Diantalvic> and the reason i say this

<Diantalvic> is becuase he is not just good on 1 map, most players practice one map and are awesome on it

<Diantalvic> where as some one like shado is very good on every map

<Diantalvic> garpy and vort have stalkyard

<Diantalvic> syn as stalkx

<Diantalvic> etc etc

<Diantalvic> shado is an awesome havoc player

<Diantalvic> but when you see him on maps like lv2 and stalkx and endcamp etc etc

<Diantalvic> he is always getting awesome scores

<Diantalvic> which is one of the main reasons for the recent success of mz

<Diantalvic> when vort is playing and is active i guess i would say he is the best at the moment

<Diantalvic> soz got discon from mirc :)

<TchanZ> hmm i know him . . very good player ,. ,. butt forr all Garpy is a Myth in Ag or not?

<TchanZ> nopz

<Diantalvic> na garpy isnt a myth

<Diantalvic> watching him in his prime was just amazing
<Diantalvic> some nice demos to watch is him on boot_camp vs a guy called lax

<Diantalvic> [Pmers]Lax

<TchanZ> yeah

<Diantalvic> who was also a very good player

<Diantalvic> but garpy made him look average

<Diantalvic> garpy was a machine :)

<TchanZ> hahahah

<Diantalvic> he played a guy who was cheating against him and he still almost beat him :)

<Diantalvic> or it might have been pmers lynx

<TchanZ> hahahaha butt Mass and Don was Great too . . . . i saw one demo in Stalk 1on1 was perfect . . .

<Diantalvic> there is an avi of garpy playing a 1v1 with the maps boot camp and stalkyard, try and find a link if you can, its great fun to watch

<TchanZ> so Mass is playing yet?

<Diantalvic> yer they were also awesome players, these were the sort of players that could beat garpy

<Diantalvic> mass is seen some times, its not very often though

<Diantalvic> when you think of the great players that have played the game players like don and mass would be in there

<TchanZ> hehehehe For u the better clan was or is?

<TchanZ> . . .

<Diantalvic> i think the best clan was -D-

<Diantalvic> they were pretty much unbeatable

<Diantalvic> i think they ever only lost 1 map or some thing

<TchanZ> -D- . . i dont know . . who played in this clan?

<Diantalvic> i think they had players like renkie and mass and don
<Diantalvic> some of the best players around all in 1 clan

<Diantalvic> it stood for Dedication if i remember rightly

<TchanZ> hmm . . nice . xP Diant talk a little about u . . .where u come from ? how old are u ? what u do in u free time ?

<Diantalvic> well i am from the south east england, i turned 24 years old a few months ago. In my spare time i play football and snooker and obviously some online gaming :)

<TchanZ> Fottball Soccer or Figth football? ahhahaa

<Diantalvic> football soccer :)

<TchanZ> snooker is nice . . i play every day after school hahaha with one bear hmm is perfect

<Diantalvic> yer snooker is a great game to play, i used to play it 3/4 times a week when i was younger

<Diantalvic> but i dont have time or the money to play it that much any more

<TchanZ> hmm -_-. . . u work?

<Diantalvic> yer i work full time :)

<TchanZ> what u do?

<Diantalvic> i work for a market reseach company, we do market reseach in the pharmaceutical industry :)

<Diantalvic> research/

<TchanZ> hehehehe . . . . The most important question . . . . for the Ag players in Brazil . . . What u think about sH or BrA in EHLL and u think in the future we will be good or better than u ? hehehe xP

<Diantalvic> well i havent seen the sH team in action yet but im sure you guys will be good and as long as you enjoy it nothing else matters

<Diantalvic> if you practice enough and work as a team well enough you can become better than any one :)

<Diantalvic> it would sure be nice to have another team to play against :)

<TchanZ> Thx forr all Diant . . . . to spend u time . . i know this is not easy =) so Thx alot u are very nice man !
<Diantalvic> any time mate :)

<Diantalvic> hope you got every thing you wanted :)

<TchanZ> yeahh , , , was nice for me xP

<Diantalvic> Thx you too Tchan !