Tuesday, August 24, 2010

9:02 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: 1st id like to say hi, and thanks for talking today Becks
9:02 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: welcome

9:02 AM – (SC)becksterr: hi m8y

9:02 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: lets start here

how old are you?

9:03 AM – (SC)becksterr: aye im 25

9:03 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice young man

9:03 AM – (SC)becksterr: hehe im feeling like 60 though

9:03 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: hehe we all do wait for 35
9:03 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: lol

9:03 AM – (SC)becksterr: true lol

9:03 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: What is your gaming rig (computer specs, mouse, etc)?”

9:04 AM – (SC)becksterr: uhmm im using a 5ms tft screen, some microsoft media keyboard, a razer deathadder *yum* and an audigy 2 soundcard
9:04 AM – (SC)becksterr: not to forget the sennheiser HD 750 headphones

9:05 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice set up

9:05 AM – (SC)becksterr: haven’t changed it in years

9:05 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: How long have you actually been playing hl?

9:06 AM – (SC)becksterr: hmm, when i was on a school vacation in like 1997-1998 one of my m8s had a “gamestar” magazine where the new Half-Life game was presented… we were all shocked about the graphics
9:06 AM – (SC)becksterr: in december 1998 HL was an x-mas presend lol

9:06 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea sweet

9:07 AM – (SC)becksterr: i played it on lans for the first year because the inet we had didnt make it possible to play it online really..

9:07 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: i started the same way

9:07 AM – (SC)becksterr: so i was enjoying the singleplayer alot and went to lans as often as i could
9:07 AM – (SC)becksterr: in 1999 i finally had a 56k modem which made it sorta possible to play… with 220 ping tho ;q

9:07 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: hah
9:08 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok how about this
9:08 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: And after all these years you are still here playing, whats so great about the game that keeps people playing, even after all this time?

9:08 AM – (SC)becksterr: heh this is easy to answer because HL is the only game i ever played really
9:09 AM – (SC)becksterr: okay i tried a bit of counterstrike, C&C series, wc3 and quake 3 .. but not for a long time at all
9:09 AM – (SC)becksterr: it always took me back to good ol’ hl

9:09 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Also, what in AG annoys you the most?

9:10 AM – (SC)becksterr: well- that would be the fact that it is almost impossible to field up proper teams for a 4on4 / 5on5 now adays
9:10 AM – (SC)becksterr: either there are not enough players online or you give it a go with those ID_LAN or 0:4:xx noobs who leave after 10 minutes
9:11 AM – (SC)becksterr: plus there are no real teamplayers left

9:11 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea i remeber the old days when you had to make 8 people sit for a match
9:11 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: lol

9:11 AM – (SC)becksterr: yep

9:11 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who are your players that most Influenced you to get better?

9:12 AM – (SC)becksterr: hmm.. in the first years i was hanging around alot with those Team][GS guys.. cLu and Hellfire for instance taught me alot of the basic gameplay, later on darq was showing me how to play stalkyard
9:13 AM – (SC)becksterr: but there were many many more who i could learn from

9:13 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes now no one wants to help anyone out

9:13 AM – (SC)becksterr: i think i could never tell them thank you for that

9:13 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: thats why the game is dead
9:14 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: the old days there was always someone that would help a player out

9:14 AM – (SC)becksterr: yep, most players are on their own now adays.. some have their little padavan wink.gif but those are going inactive after a short time often

9:14 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Which is your favourite map and why?

9:15 AM – (SC)becksterr: yea, most new players who try ag are getting owned hard without having any closer contact to other players who could tell them that it is possible to be as good as them in a jiffy
9:16 AM – (SC)becksterr: mh my favorite map would be gasworks.. this is why it is one of the most tactical maps. when you play a 5on5 there with non-teamplayers this will end up in endless camping. but as a team in which ppl are reading team_messages it is possible to rule this map. in a 2on2 or 5on5
9:16 AM – (SC)becksterr: even in 1on1 this can be fun. as long as you know the map a bit

9:17 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: great map that doesnt get played anymore
9:17 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: What if any special tips/tricks or strategies for that map?

9:18 AM – (SC)becksterr: mh there are a lot smile.gif but this would take a lot of time to explain. i think the most important thing would be the timing and the weapons picking order.
9:18 AM – (SC)becksterr: what is important too is the map-expierence. after some time you get a feeling for whats going on… you know where your teammates are without reading their loc’s

9:19 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: lol irish is excited to see what you has to say

9:19 AM – (SC)becksterr: lol

9:19 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: what do you think about wallgaussing, mp5 spamming, gluon usage and other tactics that are considered “lame” by some.

9:19 AM – (SC)becksterr: cheers to him
9:21 AM – (SC)becksterr: hehe this is a matter of how you use it. we may not forget that wallgaussing is an art to kill as well. mp5 spamming is considered as normal when playing stalky for instance..
9:21 AM – (SC)becksterr: and using gluon.. on the last lan renkie tried to convince me for like an hour that the gluon is a good and fair weapon plus its a part of the game

9:22 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea to me Don said it perfect in his interview guess im a lamer then

9:22 AM – (SC)becksterr: for me it is inbalanced.. if it was tolerated as beeing a normal gun everyone would using the egon at once they picked it up. a boot_camp 1on1 would be played with gluon only if there wasnt a spawnkill atm…
9:22 AM – (SC)becksterr: hehe Don’s interview is the next to be read >

9:23 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: What kind of stuff would you like to see more in AG? (more tournaments, new kind of tournaments, new maps, etc..)

9:23 AM – (SC)becksterr: you got lynx already?
9:23 AM – (SC)becksterr: more players! lol
9:23 AM – (SC)becksterr: or more activity.. i dunno
9:24 AM – (SC)becksterr: not more tournaments or other ones.. just the tournaments as they used to be.. beeing played lol

9:24 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: so your not a fan of the POT 3v3v3

9:24 AM – (SC)becksterr: i have no idea what this is lol

9:24 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: it is the oldest league in AG/hldm

9:25 AM – (SC)becksterr: im sorry i have missed something but hlccl and ehll are the only leagues i have ever played in :S
9:25 AM – (SC)becksterr: a wait i forgot redrum’s league
9:25 AM – (SC)becksterr: but this was dead after like a year :/

9:25 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Do you play other games?

9:25 AM – (SC)becksterr: no smile.gif
9:25 AM – (SC)becksterr: and i dont plan to do

9:26 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: hehe

9:26 AM – (SC)becksterr: sometimes in getting addicted by some tower defense browsergame.. but this is always just for a short moment wink.gif

9:26 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: In your view why was AG created ?
9:26 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: hldm was doing fine imo

9:27 AM – (SC)becksterr: yeah, until you wanna start a league 5on5 in teams with hltv and spectators tongue.gif

9:27 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: true
9:27 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Would you have liked to have seen ag2?

9:28 AM – (SC)becksterr: hmm not really tbh.. this has 2 reasons
9:28 AM – (SC)becksterr: first im used to hl.. playing hl2 is like changing from billard to snooker.. its a different game with the same tools

9:28 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: haha

9:30 AM – (SC)becksterr: 2nd i condemn “new” games with cool super graphics! they are all made for making noobs happy because its looking SO good lol… i always imagine they running around with a gun covering 1/4 of the screen with 76532 details, shooting at IQ=0 enemys with like 20 fps .. bleeh this is for fun and has nothing to do with skill at all
9:30 AM – (SC)becksterr: even when i would have 100 fps in ag2, i would refuse to play it because its looking too good tongue.gif
9:30 AM – (SC)becksterr: biggrin.gif

9:31 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who would you like to play most in a 1v1?

9:31 AM – (SC)becksterr: hmm .. stalkyard vs darq again biggrin.gif lj wouldnt be picked up at all.. just ATTACK! :V

9:32 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who are or were your favorite HL players to play with over the years?
9:32 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: (SC)-iT- lol

9:32 AM – (SC)becksterr: ofc you are my #1 idol biggrin.gif
9:33 AM – (SC)becksterr: well you mean favorite in beeing good players or nice lads?

9:33 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: anything that you liked

9:34 AM – (SC)becksterr: oof there are so many names to tell … i better dont list any tongue.gif i could make some of them angry by forgetting them biggrin.gif
9:34 AM – (SC)becksterr: ah well, a bit thank you would go out to diantalvic, vamp and Hutt for running such a great league! this is much work and we all know that
9:35 AM – (SC)becksterr: same goes out to Dilbert, Bombomb and all the others who let us spend so many nice times at hlccl
9:35 AM – (SC)becksterr: and i want to add RedRum for his great demo page (will it come back online? :X) and his leagues. he was the #1 carebear of ag biggrin.gif

9:35 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes i would also give thanks to the guys who work hard makeing leagues for us to play in Thanks every one that has helped in the HLCCL EHLL POT and all the others i missed
9:36 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: What clan would you most like to play for?
9:36 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: And how do you think you would help them

9:36 AM – (SC)becksterr: im no help at all anymore lol
9:36 AM – (SC)becksterr: hm im very happy in SC tbh.. if this clan dies i will too

9:37 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: no

9:37 AM – (SC)becksterr: sometimes though i wish me back in the SOS clan ;D

9:37 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: we will always play ag

9:37 AM – (SC)becksterr: +++KEELHAUL THEM LANDLUBBERS+++

9:37 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: untill the day steam takes it down

9:37 AM – (SC)becksterr: argh ;S armageddon

9:37 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: 2 part question
9:38 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who would you say are the top 3 players right now?

9:38 AM – (SC)becksterr: O_O

9:38 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: hehe i know its hard

9:38 AM – (SC)becksterr: hmm in quite inactive for a year now.. i have no idea how good anyone is
9:38 AM – (SC)becksterr: when i played a bit more last year there was alex, worldspawn and rayvex

9:39 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice picks
9:39 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok easyer one for you
9:39 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who are the top 3 all-time players?

9:39 AM – (SC)becksterr: now its probably judas, guile or barby lol

9:39 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: in your eyes

9:39 AM – (SC)becksterr: top 3 hmpf … that depends on so many things m8.. on the map, the mode, if its 1on1 or 5on5 or whatev..
9:39 AM – (SC)becksterr: and attitude

9:40 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok whats your 3 in all around

9:40 AM – (SC)becksterr: lol

9:40 AM – (SC)becksterr: ok when i close my eyes this would be vortex, mass and renkie

9:40 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok last 2
9:40 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: what question do you think people would like to know that i havent asked you?

9:41 AM – (SC)becksterr: hmm.. ok there’s one thing everyone would like to know- and i take this chance to tell it to everyone out there
9:45 AM – (SC)becksterr: for 1,5 years now im getting flaming for using a “lag-script”. i have never heard of such a think and i dont think it is possible to create something like that. i just see all models warping around and other players see my model warping. for me it is impossible to hit anything.
its my provider beeing mofos. i tried everything possible, starting with changing my cfg up to buying a new router. it didnt help it at all. when i called the hotlike (for like 10 times) they tell me the line is ok. all other games are okay except steam games!

when im at lan party’s i dont have this problem! the evidence that its my conx

i told those isp idiots the fact! their answer was like “this technique is a part of the agreement, there no chance to get another conection because its the condition of the house-cable”
9:46 AM – (SC)becksterr: but theres still hope. in maybe 1 year we will look for another flat and a new provider of course
9:47 AM – (SC)becksterr: rofl i just read through this.. would you pls correcting all my typing mistakes?
9:47 AM – (SC)becksterr: *correct

9:47 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: haha ok Buddy i thought you were gonna say rule #1 respect Luc rule #2 RESPECT LUC
9:47 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: hahaa

9:48 AM – (SC)becksterr: ofc luc is the best team-leader i was allowed to meet ever

9:48 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea <3 that dam Luc

9:48 AM – (SC)becksterr: no one else has the charisma and the strength to hold a team together like he can do
9:48 AM – (SC)becksterr: yup

9:48 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok m8 last 1 and mabe most wanted to know
9:48 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ready

9:48 AM – (SC)becksterr: shoot

9:48 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Also, what kind of beer do you like?
9:48 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: haha

9:49 AM – (SC)becksterr:
9:49 AM – (SC)becksterr: guess
9:49 AM – (SC)becksterr: well i use to like anything which is brewed.. except its not becks beer tongue.gif

9:49 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok man thanks for taking the time to talk today
9:50 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: il post this in s few mins il get you a link
9:50 AM – -[NeF]-iT-: Interview over

9:50 AM – (SC)becksterr: i thank you for the interview =)