Monday, August 23, 2010

12:28 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 1st id like to say hi, and thanks for talking today
12:29 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: lets start here

12:29 PM – BaRbY: hahahaa thats so funny . hi

12:29 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 1.How long have you actually been playing hl?

12:30 PM – BaRbY: 1998 my cousin introduced me to hl. I was on a vacation in another time during the summer. When i got back to Sofia i started playing in a big public server called headoff that most oldschool bg players like amicool know bout. I realized then..nobody in my neigbourhood has heard of hl. So i got a bunch of people into it. tongue.gif
12:30 PM – BaRbY: not time…town*

12:31 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: very nice

12:31 PM – BaRbY: )))))
12:31 PM – BaRbY: good times

12:31 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: im skipping 2 cause you already told us
12:31 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 3.And after all these years you are still here playing, whats so great about the game that keeps people playing, even after all this time?

12:32 PM – BaRbY: Well if it was still normal HL and not AG i wouldnt be still playing but theres 1 special thing bout ag that makes the competition keep going on and on and thats the so famous “regbox”.
12:33 PM – BaRbY: so basically i keep playing cause as long as the “regbox” is still there there would be a very BIG competition that makes ag special

12:34 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes it does

12:34 PM – BaRbY: otherwise it would be like in other games..2 or 3 players would take the lead on the top and no one could ever touch em cause they r simply too skilled

12:34 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: yea
12:34 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 4.Who are your players that most Influenced you to get better?

12:36 PM – BaRbY: Well….the 2 players that actually got me into AG (The_Falcon and Worldspawn) when i actualy wanted to keep playing my precious HLDM cause i didnt want to get into another mod r the reason i got into ag after all. Cause they were the only competition there ever was in Bulgaria for quite some years so then i realized the only way i could get competition is to follow them to the big SCENE no matter if its a new MOD or not. They influenced me a lot in the beginning when i started. After i got some time playing with people like BeNji and later rayv3x that made me want to compeet ever more

12:37 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: Seems Falcon has helped a lot of people
12:37 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: heres one every one wants to know

12:38 PM – BaRbY: Thats true he managed a number of servers ….’the evrocom servers’ for won and steam ag. Many bulgarians were playing in it without the need of ids. Some of them got ids and r still with us. Others quit for good.

12:38 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: man hes a huge help to the people in ag
12:39 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 5.I train a bit some times but i still suck, any tips you can send my way?

12:39 PM – BaRbY: Depends what kind of player r you. Like do you rely on sound, brains, aim etc. Any of this have their certain little things that should be developed to work their way out
12:40 PM – BaRbY: So there r many ways to train WRONG is what im saying.

12:40 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes
12:40 PM – BaRbY: Also it dependso n the skill level ur trying to reach.
12:40 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: i think demos helped the most

12:41 PM – BaRbY: If you playing the noobies u become 1. if u play the good u become good. You aim where u want to be. And you choose ur path.

12:41 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: learning from what you did right and what you did wrong in a match
12:41 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice thanks

12:41 PM – BaRbY: No. Demos is watching others’ mistakes and not yours. Demos r good for example for learning a map u dont know.
12:42 PM – BaRbY: Demos r also for having fun. But even that what fun could u have watching alone? I prefer live games so i can chat with friends meanwhile

12:42 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: even better
12:42 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 6.Do you play other games?

12:42 PM – BaRbY: yes. A bunch of games

12:42 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: anything that helps you play better in AG

12:43 PM – BaRbY: Not a thing. Can only make you worse
12:43 PM – BaRbY: )

12:43 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 7.In your view why was AG created ?

12:43 PM – BaRbY: because regular HLDM went boring for most people i guess.

12:44 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok

12:44 PM – BaRbY: I never had anything against it. In fact if there was no AG i would be glad to still play hldm sometimes. But not as close as much as i play AG.

12:44 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 8.Would you have liked to have seen ag2?
12:45 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: that poeple liked

12:45 PM – BaRbY: If ag2 is made i would only like to c 1 change in it = Fix in the regbox. So players can show their real skill
12:45 PM – BaRbY: there r many who r not capable of doing that for the same reason.

12:46 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: yes i agree
12:46 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 9.Who would you like to play most in a 1v1?

12:46 PM – BaRbY: All the players i havent played with so far.
12:46 PM – BaRbY: Hello Shado. Miss me ?
12:46 PM – BaRbY: )

12:47 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: any other names we would liek to see?

12:47 PM – BaRbY: Well cant think of many atm..1 is Lexi tongue.gif

12:47 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: nice choise
12:47 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 10.What clan would you most like to play for?

12:48 PM – BaRbY: eRa
12:48 PM – BaRbY: but inm already doing that

12:48 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok
12:48 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 11.2 part question
12:48 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who would you say are the top 10 clans right now?

12:48 PM – BaRbY: …..;o
12:49 PM – BaRbY: atm there is no competition
12:49 PM – BaRbY: so #AGT and HR
12:49 PM – BaRbY: plus there r maybe just as much clans in the ehll anyway
12:49 PM – BaRbY: )
12:49 PM – BaRbY: 10

12:50 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: so you have no others then agt and hr

12:50 PM – BaRbY: well my thoughts about “top” clans r the clans who r able to win ehll and those r the only ones atm
12:50 PM – BaRbY: )

12:51 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok
12:51 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: then here
12:51 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: Who would you say are the top 10 players right now?

12:52 PM – BaRbY: me,alex,ws,rayvex,xl,term,mummy
12:52 PM – BaRbY: 7

12:52 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok

12:53 PM – BaRbY: how many more?: P

12:53 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: 12.what question do you think people would like to know that i havent asked you?

12:54 PM – BaRbY: I have NO IDEA

12:54 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: ok man thanks for taking the time to talk with me today

12:54 PM – BaRbY: np
12:54 PM – BaRbY: P

12:54 PM – -[NeF]-iT-: interview done