Are we really…..?

Its been a few months since ive written something for here, basically I ran out of things to talk about. But I thought I would write something that I want people to think about it. Something that I was thinking about a few weeks back when converting our forum over to zeta.

Now, just to rub salt in to the wound of a few certain people/players. I wanted some sort of statement about the league, now it needed to be short and sweet and something that would always be there when you are on the forum. Ok it was moved from the position that I originally placed it but that’s fine, looks just as good anywhere. Due to the changes in making the forum look good with banners etc I guess it was only a matter of time before it got moved about.

Welcome to the Elite Half Life League gaming forum. The longest serving gaming league for Half Life Adrenaline Gamer.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

I just want confirmation that EHLL is in fact the longest serving AG league that’s ever been created, I know there are other leagues that aren’t “global”, I hear people talking about these little Russian leagues that go on and the south American leagues that have been kicking around, but all I know of these is through word of mouth, little comments/posts about them, ive never looked in to it. Who knows, some of these leagues may have been running 10 years!!??!!?? If I am in fact wrong about my EHLL statement then this issue needs to be address immediately (when all other leagues have stopped and we are officially the longest serving league!:)). The league has turned 7 and will soon be turning 8! Now we all know that other gaming league hlccl was around for a long time but how long…………99-2005? ops. or was it 2006? and leagues like POT have been around a long time, but a league like POT runs once every now and then, its not a continous thing so i dont think you can really class that as a running league when it goes years with out running, clan base was the same, it ran a long time yer but when was the last time there was an AG game through clanbase? either way even if the statement is wrong its only a matter of time, might as well leave it there for future references.