It’s nice to see a good amount of people still playing this game, some from back in the day as well. It’s a shame that some people, hmmmmmmmmmmm well basically they were too far up their own arses to even consider visiting the forum when I first got it up and running let alone play in the league. For the love of the game I don’t think people really cared who was running the league, and the fact there are a few players still playing from season 1 shows that the job I have done couldn’t have been that bad?

A league is a league, like most leagues I’m pretty sure all players really care about is what time do they need to show up on a Sunday. The interaction between the players and the organizers has mainly been through clan leaders, who obviously have a duty to make sure there clan turn up on time, so why would players really care who is in charge? I wish I knew, my reputation from back then wasn’t great but what harm could it have done to at least just check it out? Well after 7 and a half years clearly not much. I mean me and Hutt didn’t really see eye to eye back when HLCCL was running but now look, he has been a key member of the EHLL team since he came on board and I would like to think he has no regrets about it either. I don’t think he considers himself to be of much use as he used to be as he comes on every now and then and helps out with the transfer requests, but Hutt has been more than that, he has been there for help and opinions in serious matters when running the league. When I was looking for someone to help run the league it was key that Hutt was happy with who it was, if he wasn’t then he would have left the team, something I was not going to let happen. Every one that ever comes on board will have to have the approval of the main EHLL team (Me, vamp and Hutt). Falcon has become more involved with the league with running the site and I think in time he may well become a more important figure in terms of the EHLL staff (along with maybe iT who has great experience with the scene and how leagues are run).

For the league, it will continue (probably with me despite more important commitments) until there is not enough clans to run a league, which to be honest would be very few as you can still run a league with about 6 teams, you would just have to make general changes to the league format, which over time has happened. Despite peoples attempts to “get one over” on me or the league its always failed, and again I have to ask myself why some people wanted to take over EHLL, and I’m my honest opinion destroy the league as what they wanted to do usually lasted
about 2 days then you would never see these people again, I mean what happened to redrum, after his dismal effort to take control of EHLL with his amazing staff that said EHLL would be better elsewhere, where did he go, what happened to his league and amazing site? Even with his attempts to make me look bad within the community with him and his co leaguers spreading shit about me EHLL came out on top, so why would I move away from what it is now when I know EHLL works well, it’s not the 1st time and it won’t be the last, some people just don’t seem to like what
the league has become so they feel the need to do one better, and so far from about 5? Leagues that have started up, only about 1 managed a full season and the rest died almost before they even begun. Other people fail with what they want to do then wonder why I have no interested in their ideas for the league? Or have no interest in moving it away from where it is, sure I know the site isn’t amazing and the forum is general, but it’s been enough for the last 6 years so why would it ever need to be anything else? I agree that we need a real AG site with everything you would need and expect from it but with only about 200 active players is it worth it. People always said the site wasn’t good enough but when I said I will work on a new site and put everything people wanted on it I had no feedback, so this makes me think it’s just another dig at EHLL. It’s amazing but from everyone in the community I think I know what’s best for the league when it comes to serious matters, I am always after input on how to make it better for the players but in terms of organization the final say is always mine.

I still enjoy the game at the best of times, it’s a shame that some people mess with settings to make the game unfair for others, its not been some thing I have ever done, my config is still the same from when I 1st started back in 2002, in fact I still have a say bind that says “New AGHL league started soon sign your team up on the
forum” which goes to show how often I even look at it. The game is so old people just need to enjoy it rather than taking it as serious as others, long gone are the days when you need to practice the opponents map the week before you are due to play them, or even practice your own map to make sure every one knows what area they need to cover, sure teams still have in game tactics, but they usually consist of “diantalvic you cover this area” which is always followed by me running around the entire map for the next 20 mins and rarely even setting foot in the area I was suppose. When I brought back MZ we never really had tacs, it was usually shado cover this area (which would be the entire map) while the rest just avoid getting killed or avoid killing each other. The idea of bringing the clan back was just for fun which is what we did, and had some success along the way. The fun isnt always there these days due to some clans/players doing what ever they can or what ever it takes to win, spawn camping, spawn satchels and just hiding round corners (and changing there configs settings making them impossible to hit) And I know they do, when asked people all of a sudden either cant see what you are typing or don’t speak english. I cant be bothered with tactics and I cant be bothered to just sit and camp, one reason I have so many deaths on maps is that I will go in to any fight with no regard with what hev/guns and ammo I have or how many enemy are in the room,
usually none and I still end up killing my self.

I havent mentioned any names in this for the fact that I probably don’t need to, all those that have bad mouthed me and the league and have made some sort of attempt to “attack” the league or my self pretty much know who they are, I cant say it bothers me, if any thing it is a compliment, I have obviously done a good job for this sort of thing to happen, the little guys always want to bring down the big empire don’t they?

Chuckle chuckle

How about just enjoying the game ffs!

Yours truly (and up yours)