Front page news, again

Well of course it is, people have been saying it for about 6 years now, but in truth, its probably at its peak over the last 6 years. Sure we will never have 6 divisions with 5 clans in each, we could do 3 ;). Amazing how the same people say the game is dead, yet they still come back and play it. Since the start of EHLL we have had over 70 clans take part, and this is counting each clan once (seeing as DHD have made about 38 come backs this number could be counted into its 1000s! Yes 1000s people!). I have decided to take a stand on the situation with clans, sure it would be great to have more clans, but with the community the size it is now and no new players coming in it would just mean that the 200 players registered in the league would be spread over 17, 18, 19 or so clans which means the number in each clan would be reduced, leaving us with clans with 5 or 6 players, not many clans with this amount survive, that’s why I am happy to just keep it at 16, if another clan wants to join they will get rejected meaning the players in the new clans will either have to stay in the clan they are already in or move to another EHLL clan. Pretty simple maths. I don’t know why so many people come out and say the game is dead when………………..

EHLL 10 – 12 clans
EHLL 11 – 12 clans
EHLL 12 – 12 clans
EHLL 13 – 14 clans
EHLL 14 – 14 clans
EHLL 15 – 16 clans
EHLL 16 – 16 clans
EHLL 17 – 16 clans
EHLL 18 – 16 clans
EHLL 19 – 16 clans
EHLL 20 – 16 clans
EHLL 21 – 16 clans

This is hardly a sign that the community is getting smaller and the game is dieing is it? Next thing you will be telling me father christmas isnt real, get a grip!