1v1 nob, ok map? crossfire, yawn

Ok, so I know im not the best player out there, a few years back I had some skill and probably hit my peak when I was in VLK (about 2003 :/), since I started a family I have no time for ag, I basically play once a week, if that. I managed to get in to the top division of hlccl, hopefully people from back in the day will know that only the “crem della crem” made it into the top division ;). And I honestly think that back then it wasn’t about crossfire stalkyard wg the shit out of every one, in fact I don’t even remember playing crossfire in any league match back in hlccl, the map was around cos I remember playing it vs some one that had A3d, I didn’t so needless to say when he got the tau gun it was game over and I died as soon as I spawned without having the chance to move, not that you really need a3d to be good at the map, you just need tau and you are set, people say there is a skill to wging, what a load of shit! You just aim at a wall, the person doesn’t even need to be direct on the other side, even more so with the nuke points on some maps, its not that I cant wg, I just hate it, ive played so many games where the other player has run behind a wall just to shoot me, and you call that skill? you are standing right in front of me with weapons and you run away to shoot me? How can people class it as skill or consider them selfs to be good on maps like this.

When art played crossfire vs someone my score wasn’t that great and I had people wging the shit out of me (from camping positions which made it even worse) I just grabbed a tau and started doing it back and I ended up with very good stats, so like I say, I can but I don’t, I just think it’s a pussy way of killing. If you really had some skill why not come out and fight properly. I remember playing a 1v1 comp at a lan vs KIARaptor, he thought he was awesome, we started on his map, surprise surprise it was stalkyard, he won, yawn, he lost the next 2 maps cos he wasn’t actually that good, he just practiced shooting boxes more than me where as I practiced maps how they should be played, by like picking up an mp5 or sg and actually aiming it at peoples craniums! What happened to maps like lv1, datacore, agony, fling and darn! classic maps that was all about skill and tactics, even bootcamp is hardly played these days and that was one of the most popular maps back then, I would love to turn wg off in a crossfire match just to see how people respond, ive done this before in a ffa on my own server years ago, every one moaned about it, that day was a good day.